I am thinking about worlds, in the sense of the various layers of reality that make up the cosmos.

For years, I've used a four world model derived from Kabala, which derived from Neo-Patonism, but using the following symbolism:

  • Stellar

  • Solar

  • Lunar

  • Mundane

But I'm thinking of more layers...the list I came up with this morning was:

  • Womb (infinite space, primal darkness)

  • Stars

  • Sun

  • Moon

  • Earth

  • Underworld

  • Titanic (primal powers)

I'd like more parallel language to communicate this, and I'm not sure if that list even makes sense to anyone outside of my brain.


My ritual life

ContraryWise Craft3721
Little Circle on the Plain1412
Episcopal church617
Ancient Order of Druids in America4-

I met all my goals for 2012--more ContraryWise and starting the Practicing Modern Pagan Witchcraft course.  My sabbatical from HOCC turned into the decision to let it go.

In 2013, my biggest goal is to get through a couple key transitions at work.  My spiritual priorities are to complete the Practicing Modern Pagan Witchcraft course and to get off to a good start with AODA.  I'm also hoping to go to PSG this year with friends.  ("I get by with a little help from my friends.")  Once the work transitions are done, I can consider getting active in the SCA again and making it to church more often.

The numbers above are for rituals only, not just meetings.

Ian’s Rules for Ritual Group Membership

  1. No ritual group can meet all of the spiritual needs of the members.
  2. All relationships—including ritual groups—involve communication and compromise.
  3. If one is consistently expending more effort toward a ritual group than one is receiving benefit, it is time to consider walking away.

Lots of things, including changing from HOCC to AODA and working semi-regularly with a "pick-up band" of local Witches, are causing me to reflect what makes a ritual group work or not.

Any suggestions for additions to the list?

Eight Elemental Glyphs

A few years back, I posted about doing Eight Element Quarter Calls in my ContraryWise work:

I've used glyphs from Ceremonialism for the traditional four elements for years, but didn't have glyphs for the new "elements".  With a little help from my friends, we came up with those last Friday:

Air:  Yellow circle
Fire:  Orange equilateral triangle
Water:  Blue heraldic crescent *(points up)
Earth:  Green square
Essence:  Purple circled cross
Darkness:  Black spiral
Light:  White awen (three lines descending)
Magic:  Red pentagram

edited to add:
The circle, triangle, crescent, and square are all colored in completely, while the other four are lines of color.  And I corrected the color for the Fire triangle to orange.  I typed red because that is what I used for HOCC for years, but my current color for Fire in ContaryWise work is orange, because I've moved red to Magic.

Hestia's Helpful Hints

  • To remove soot from votive candle glasses, pour in a little bleach and fill with water.  Soak for 24 hours.  The soot can then be wiped out with a damp paper towel.
  • To remove candle wax from carpeting, set an iron on low.  Cover the area of the carpet with paper towel, and iron through the paper towel to melt the wax into the paper towel.  This can also be used on altar cloths, robes, etc.  Warning:  The dyes from colored wax will remain in the fibers--only the wax will be removed.
Any additions from the peanut gallery?

the history of LCoP

  • written in response to a message from someone in Blue Star trying to sort out the history
  • Edited a bit to incorporate info from Hermes in the comments.

Our coven is Little Circle on the Plain (LCoP).  We have recently begun to refer to our practice as Blue Triskele Wicca, which honors our relation to Blue Star Wicca, but also reflects our most obvious difference, that we honor three deities: the Lady, the Lord, and the Revealer.

The original Coven of the Blue Star was in Philadelphia, led by Franque and Tzip.  The first initiates with Tzip as Franque's priestess were my initiators, whose outer Craft names are Branwen and Caspian.

Franque and Tzip moved up to New York to open their shop, Tziporah and the Wizard.  They authorized Branwen and Caspian to lead the Philly folks, but they were still part of Coven of the Blue Star, coming up to New York to circle with Franque and Tzip and any folks they added up there.  At Spring Equinox 1979, the Philly folks chose to become a separate coven from the New York folks, under the leadership of Branwen and Caspian.

Branwen and Caspian led the Philly folks for about a year, then had to move for Branwen's work.  When they left Bridget and Hermes led the Philly folks, naming their circle Maidenhill.  The Maidenhill line continues to exist and has grown and changed over time, as we have.

After a couple of moves, Branwen and Caspian ended up in Central Illinois.  In early 1997, I got to know Branwen and then Caspian.  They initiated me in Feb. 1998, though I had been working in another (very non-Wiccan) style of Craft for about a decade at that point.  I introduced them to a select few other folks, and the coven started in August 1998.  Branwen died in April 2005, and a couple of years later Caspian moved to be closer to his grandkids.

I would argue that our lineage is not from the Blue Star Tradition, as there was no tradition when the Philly group separated--just the one coven that hadn't yet developed many of the characteristics of the Blue Star Tradition.  Instead, I identify our lineage as from Eddie Buczynski's American Welsh trad, which derives from NECTW.  I see LCoP, Maidenhill, and Blue Star Tradition as parallel lines--with Franque and Tzip as the initiators of all three lines--but with some real differences.