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Brotherhood rituals

I went to Fire Dance this weekend.  gryphon77 wrote up a nice reflection on it.

When discussing the possibility of joining with some of the brothers over potluck, one of them asked the reasonable question: "how many of their rituals have I attended?"  I couldn't answer at the time, but here is the list:

  1. 2007 - Quintessence

  2. Fire Dance

  3. Soul Song

  4. Ecstasis

  5. 2008 - Fire Dance

  6. 2009 - Spirit Song

  7. Fire Dance

  8. Apotheosis

  9. Ecstasis

  10. 2010 - Shadow Dance

  11. 2011 - Quintessence

  12. Fire Dance

  13. Apotheosis

  14. Ecstasis

  15. 2013 - Ecstasis

  16. 2014 - Ecstasis

  17. 2015 - Quintessence Retreat

  18. Fire Dance

  19. Terra Sol

  20. Ecstasis

Given that Fire Dance is dedicated to the Lover, it's not a coincidence that that is the one ritual I've attended every year.  And this year, I didn't fall over!  At Fire Dance 07, I fell over because I was refusing to let Dionysos possess me, as I was not certain if it was appropriate for non-ritualist to allow possession at the BotP rituals.  At Fire Dance 08, I fell over after Dionysos left me at the end of the dancing.  This year, he and I seem to have handled it a bit better.  It was still an intense experience for me, but I didn't fall over.  :)

I'm going to try to make it up more often this year, so I have a better sense of things.  The next one is Apotheosis, on 11 July.

Edited to add:  I'm going to continue to use this entry as my log for BotP ritual attendance.
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