Ian Phanes (ianphanes) wrote,
Ian Phanes

My ritual life

ContraryWise Craft3721
Little Circle on the Plain1412
Episcopal church617
Ancient Order of Druids in America4-

I met all my goals for 2012--more ContraryWise and starting the Practicing Modern Pagan Witchcraft course.  My sabbatical from HOCC turned into the decision to let it go.

In 2013, my biggest goal is to get through a couple key transitions at work.  My spiritual priorities are to complete the Practicing Modern Pagan Witchcraft course and to get off to a good start with AODA.  I'm also hoping to go to PSG this year with friends.  ("I get by with a little help from my friends.")  Once the work transitions are done, I can consider getting active in the SCA again and making it to church more often.

The numbers above are for rituals only, not just meetings.
Tags: calendaring, polyreligiosity, practice
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