Ian Phanes (ianphanes) wrote,
Ian Phanes

Eight Elemental Glyphs

A few years back, I posted about doing Eight Element Quarter Calls in my ContraryWise work: http://ianphanes.livejournal.com/85875.html

I've used glyphs from Ceremonialism for the traditional four elements for years, but didn't have glyphs for the new "elements".  With a little help from my friends, we came up with those last Friday:

Air:  Yellow circle
Fire:  Orange equilateral triangle
Water:  Blue heraldic crescent *(points up)
Earth:  Green square
Essence:  Purple circled cross
Darkness:  Black spiral
Light:  White awen (three lines descending)
Magic:  Red pentagram

edited to add:
The circle, triangle, crescent, and square are all colored in completely, while the other four are lines of color.  And I corrected the color for the Fire triangle to orange.  I typed red because that is what I used for HOCC for years, but my current color for Fire in ContaryWise work is orange, because I've moved red to Magic.
Tags: contrarywise, elements, symbolism
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