Ian Phanes (ianphanes) wrote,
Ian Phanes

Am I a Christo-pagan? Not really.

sindarintech wrote
Most christo-pagans are confused about their paths anyway. You don't get to fully embrace a tradition of witchcraft (just as an example) by sitting on the fence about christianity.

Through the later 1980's and 90s, I used to joke: "I gave up Christianity for Lent. But since I wasn't Christian anymore, Easter never came."

During those years, I didn't just "embrace a tradition of witchcraft," I founded one. (Well, a lineage. We don't tend to describe ContraryWise Craft as a tradition.) Then, in 1998, I did also "embrace a tradition of witchcraft", receiving initiation into a lineage descending from NECTW.

And then...Easter came. Throughout the years that I was distinctly not Christian, I would usually attend Midnight Mass, and often some or all of the Triduum, because I was moved by the beauty of their mysteries. (I would also usually go to church around Samhain, to honor my ancestors in their context.) In 2000, something different happened. Jesus reached out to me. I've had enough gods establish relationships with me over the years that recognized the experience, though I certainly wasn't expecting it.

I'm not confused about my path. I'm a monistic-polytheist whose personal relationships happen to include Jesus and his Father. (I am not a Trinitarian; I see Jesus as a deified demi-god, like Dionysos.)

As for "sitting on the fence," multiple religious practices is the hallmark of all paganisms, traditional and modern. By that, I mean that individuals in pagan cultures (including ours) frequently practice more than one cult but not all of the cults in the culture. Those cross-cutting ties between the various cults are what weave together a pagan culture.

I am not an orthodox Christian, and I don't claim to be. (Then again, I've never been orthodox as a pagan, either.) When I told the rector of the church I started attending after my connection with Jesus that I was pagan, he said it was fine for me to join that church, so I did. A decade later, I rejoice in an additional faith community, though it can make my spiritual calendar a bit full at times.

One last thing: I am not a Christo-pagan, in any syncretic sense. I am a Christian, and a ContraryWise Witch, and a member of the Hermetic Order of the Celtic Cross, and a Wiccan Witch; but I "don't cross the streams".
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